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Wonderland Movement is a Barre and Pilates studio in the heart of Bundaberg.

We're in love with movement in all its forms. Classes are fun, energy filled good-times designed to energise, challenge and inspire you.

The benefits of pilates begin at decreasing lower back pain, tight muscles and improving flexibility - and have the potential to take you from strength to strength, if you allow it. Both pilates and barre are low impact, high intensity workouts that can benefit people at every level.


If you have any questions about what Barre is, head over to and read this excellent article, send me at DM via Instagram

(@wonderlandmovement ) or an email at


What is Wonderland Movement?


Our Commitment to Mindful Movement

We are committed to creating mindful moments for you to experience, each and everyday.


The power of movement comes through our awareness, appreciation and love for our bodies - all things we champion.


Mindful movement is not about being the strongest and fittest you can be right now, its about listening to your body, giving it what it asks for and showing up for yourself through the many micro commitments of either coming to class, moving at home, or taking a rest. 

We are now located at 31 Bingera Street. 


Mat Classes are held in shop 1

31 Bingera Street, Bundaberg West.

Reformer Classes are held in

Shop 2/ 31 Bingera Street, Bundaberg West.

Bookings for both locations are taken online, via the schedule.


Our Studio Locations

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